I’ve been undergoing trauma therapy for the past 16 months.  I’d had some before, following a head injury in 2006.  It was 4 months, several doctors and a fortnight in hospital being told, ‘We can find nothing wrong with you.  Go home, and you’ll get better,’ before a counsellor (who had helped me a lot in earlier years) said, ‘This is trauma.’

‘I’ve just learnt a new technique,’ she said.  ‘Can I try it on you?’

I was in such a state that I’d have tried anything.  I couldn’t walk properly, talk properly or even eat properly.  My whole system was slowed down, and I could hardly walk around the house let alone go out and do anything.

Liz started the technique (called EMDR) and, within a minute, I was back in the car accident in which my parents and grandfather died when I was 15 years old –   AND in which I had had a very similar head injury.

We did no more ‘EMDR’ that day.  But, by two days later, my speech was back to normal.  That was the beginning of a long journey, which is by no means finished yet.

2 thoughts on “Trauma

  1. Thank you, Ida for sharing this!
    I can understand the benefits of EMDR. I have used it myself. All the best in the future.


  2. Thanks, Eppi. I’ve had 3 different people use EMDR with me, in quite different ways. I do think it’s a remarkable technique, but I suspect that its effectiveness depends at least as much on the person using it and the context they give it of other techniques as it does on EMDR itself.


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