The fragmentation of the story

picasso weeping womanIn trauma, I think that the mind is fragmented because the story is fragmented . . .   or maybe the story is fragmented because the mind is fragmented.  At least, that is what seems to have happened to me.

My experience was so overwhelming that I couldn’t cope with it all, and my mind tried to cope by dividing it all up.  It could cope with this bit, or with that bit, or with the other bit, but no way could it cope with everything.

Some things it couldn’t cope with at all, so it pretended that they hadn’t happened.

So the story of myself and of my family got fragmented too.  That is why ‘therapy’ is about telling the story, putting it all back together, giving everything a place within the story.

And that is why I’m going to church this morning:  to put myself into a bigger story.  The little bits of our individual stories do not make sense if they are fragmented from the bigger story of what God is doing in His world.

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