Step1: Be thankful for the journey!

If I am going to write about the journey, I first need to be able to thank God for taking me on it.  I realize that the ‘denial’ I wrote about a few posts ago is my attempt to re-write history.  I want control of what DID happen – which, of course, is impossible.  What happened happened, and I can’t change it.  I might try to change the story in my memory, but I can’t change the events.

So I think I need to acknowledge the results of that head injury 9 years ago.  But I also need to reflect on what I have learnt through it, and, if I can discern it, on what God might have been doing through letting it happen.

That way, I can let God be in control of the past as well as of the present and the future.  Which is much better than me being in control:  I have neither the wisdom nor the energy to control even my own memory properly!

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