Concussion and trauma

Continuing the saga . .   for the few days following the head injury, I would spend time in bed, then get up and try to function, then go back to bed.  I couldn’t cope with noise or light, or concentrate for more than a few minutes, and everything felt strange.  David took me to the doctor again, I was told just to rest and wait again, so we did that, then got referred to another doctor, and so on . .  I slowly got back to doing a little work, seeing a few students, but it was terribly tiring and I couldn’t cope with much.

I got a little better, and went to speak at a conference – had to find someone to travel on the train, I had my meals alone in a quiet place, couldn’t cope with social interaction etc – but somehow managed to give my papers (‘Did they make any sense?’ I ask myself now).

The medics told me I had a ‘mild head injury’ or ‘post concussion syndrome’, so we looked that up.  It’s a label for unexplained ongoing problems following a concussion.  In most people (I think, 60%), it clears after 3 months.  In 60% of the people who are left, it clears after another 6 months.  Etc.  After 3 months, it was clear that I was in the 40% who were left.  Maybe in another 3 months I’d be better?

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