The medics for whom I am thankful

I’m thankful for the physiotherapists:  one who helped me with my walking while I was in hospital, and one who help me with coordination and with the pain caused by the lumbar puncture after I came out of hospital.  They took time with me, and gave me exercises that made me feel I could actually do something about my situation.  Most important:  they treated me as a struggling human being rather than as a malingerer who had nothing really wrong and was wasting their time.

The third neuropsychologist helped me to manage my time and to work out how best to function in my impaired state.  She used some Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, which helped ease some of my symptoms.  She tried hard, maybe partly because she was still in training.  But the NHS only offered a limited number of sessions because (yes, you’ve guessed it!) I was functioning at a relatively high level so didn’t merit any more.

All of the neuropsychologists thought that a large part of the problem was ‘post-concussion’, for which there is no treatment other than waiting for it to get better (people say that it continues to  slowly for 10 years, after which no further improvement is very likely).  They realized that the trauma was interacting with the ‘post concussion’, but they didn’t think there was anything much that the NHS could offer to help.  It was not until I’d been working with my present, private, therapist for about 6 months that I began to hope that MOST of the problem had always been the trauma – and that can be treated!

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