People can help!

So thankful that I could be part of the Wycliffe Hall commissioning day yesterday!  I’m very tired today, and haven’t even tried to go to church or to anything else.  But I have a great sense of achievement, and of being INCLUDED.

I am not only thankful for the therapy that has got me well enough to cope.  I am also thankful to the people who helped me to cope.

My David came too, and was there to stand with me after I got shocked by a boom over the loud speaker system, and to take me home at the end, when the adrenalin ran down and I was so tired I could hardly walk.

Some of the students know that I have problems with noise and crowds, and were very considerate when I needed to get somewhere quiet.

Kerstin, the college receptionist, and Kristina, the principal’s PA, made sure I had a seat at the end of a row (I find it difficult to have people sitting on both sides of me and I need to be able to go somewhere quiet during the hymns) and made sure that I got into that seat.

If anyone reading this knows someone suffering from PTSD:  be assured that your help in thinking about how that person can be included in things will be hugely appreciated.

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