Re-visiting the trauma stuff

I am about to embark on editing – for a new publication – the paper on trauma that I first drafted a decade ago (can it possibly be that long?), just a year after the head injury which triggered the PTSD.

This is going to be both interesting and challenging.  It might be painful, because I will be re-visiting some of the trauma.  But it will also, I think, be fruitful, because it will give me an opportunity to reflect on how far I have come – and, in God’s grace, it can bear fruit in the lives of others who will read it.

Any praying folk out there:  please pray for me as I try to do this.

5 thoughts on “Re-visiting the trauma stuff

    1. I’ve not yet – or I would have contacted you. But I’m trying to get out more! So if I do manage it, I shall certainly be in touch.


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