Some of my writing

. . . on trauma, pain and the Cross

This is a great book to which I contributed a chapter, ‘A trauma observed’. Email me on to request a pdf of my draft of the chapter, or of other papers listed below.

Tackling Trauma

‘Fire-words:  Voicing the pain’ in M. Dale, C. Hines and C. Walker (eds), When Women Speak (Oxford: Regnum, 2018).

‘We Sat Down and Wept: Biblical Resources for Conflict Situations’, in The Round Table: The Commonwealth Journal of International Affairs, Issue 382 (2005), pp. 641-52.

‘Cross, Qibla and Glory:  What Should Direct Christian Responses to Islam?’, in Muslim-Christian Encounter, Vol 10 No 2, 2017.

Crusade Sermons, Francis of Assisi and Martin Luther:  what does it mean to ‘take up the cross’ in the context of Islam? (Oxford: Church Mission Society: Crowther Centre Monograph. no. 14, 2010).

‘‘Remember this day!’ Passover, transformation of memory and celebration of survival’, (written for a volume of sermons on trauma which never got published).